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This blog will tell the story of my The Sims 3 Random Legacy family, The Stardusts. Stay tuned!

1.0: Introducing Generation One

Published 2013-09-02 18:55:00 in category Chapter 1

This blog will tell the story of my progression with the The Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge. This is where I'll upload pictures and stories from my sims everyday life. Portraits will be posted, along with the portrayed sims' traits, wishes and favourites. I will also publish the result of my rolls for each new generation (see end of this post).
And we'll, of course, start with the first generation. This is Melinda Stardust, the first Sim in my legacy and therefore the founder.
Melinda Stardust
Traits: Eccentric, Born Salesman, Family Oriented, Natural Cook, Handy
Favourites: Hamburgers, Pop, White
Zodiac: Libra
Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash
I also decide to create Melindas' husband right away (mainly to get to pick his traits manually), as my result on the Family Structure roll allows me to do so. Meet Marcus!
Marcus Stardust
Traits: Ambitious, Green Thumb, Handy, Angler, Family Oriented
Favourites: Hamburgers, Pop, Black
Zodiac: Libra
Lifetime Wish: Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder
The Rolls for generation 1:
A. Family structure: 22
Which gives "Mixed Couple"
B. Number of children: 6
Which gives "Two Kids"
C. Primary income: 10
Which gives "Non-standard Career"
C2. Non-standard Career: 6
Which gives "Inventor"
D. Secondary income (partners' income): 2
Which gives "Standard Career"
C1. Standard Career: 14
Which gives "Science"
E. Generation Goal: 12
Which gives "Property Mogul"
F. Miscellaneous Fun: 6
Which gives "Homemade"


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