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1.3: As Life Progresses

Published 2013-09-03 00:35:00 in category Chapter 1

You can find information about the active generation and its rolls here!

The very next morning, Melinda woke up feeling rested, despite the feelings that had rushed over her when waking up from dreaming that night.

She decided to leave bed to go prepare breakfast for Marcus, as this would be the first day at his new job, surprised to find her husband already sitting by the table, having finished breakfast already and nervously biting his nails off. "What's up honey? Did you not sleep well?", she asked him. "I had a very good nights sleep dear, but I woke up from your skin burning against mine, you must've had a fever Melinda". "Well, I did have an odd dream, but I was able to fall asleep again pretty quickly as having you close soothes me", she said forcing a smile on her face, and quickly kissing his forehead. "Don't worry about me today, this is your big day, go show that new boss of yours just how great you are!". 
As Marcus left for work, Melinda heated up some leftover waffles from the previous day and finished them quickly to continue the inventing where she left off last night. She soon started to feel nauseous, but tried to ignore her body's needs, unsuccessfully. Instead, she had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. "It must've been the waffles from yesterday, perhaps I didn't heat them properly", she thought to herself.
But as the day progressed, the sickness kept coming back and Melinda did not get to keep either food or fluid. Her body being exhausted after all the vomiting, she crawled into bed for a quick nap.
A few hours later, Marcus got back from work and woke Melinda up. "Baby, are you still not feeling well? Did you catch the flu or something? I told you you had a fever last night", Marcus said. "I'm fine, I think it may have been the waffles in the fridge, will you throw them away please?", Melinda responded. "I had the leftover waffles for breakfast too, and I feel perfectly fine. You did most definitely catch the flu, darling. Let me take care of everything today, you just... just stay in bed", Marcus said before leaving to clean the toilet and wash Melinda's puked-on clothes.
As Marcus left the room, a somewhat scary thought crossed Melinda's mind. "What if this nausea is in fact not the waffles, or the flu... what if... what if I'm pregnant? No, no, that can't be. I've been on pills for years now...". Before she'd even finished the thought, she had to rush back to the bathroom and throw up once more. As Melinda kneeled by the toilet, Marcus entered the bathroom, sat down by her side and pulled her hair back. "Poor, poor baby. You must be exhausted, would you want me to make you some dinner? I can make you some salad, it's easy to digest and you can eat as little or much as you would like, okay?". Melinda responded with a nod.
While trying to finish off the salad Marcus had prepared for her, Melinda slowly started to accept the fact that she probably and most likely was pregnant, despite how much she didn't want nor need a baby right now. How could they provide for a child, when they could barely provide for themselves? Prices in Bridgeport were ridicolous compared to the prices they were used to. Melinda decided to share the news with Marcus, hoping he'd be supportive in whatever decicion they'd have to make together.

Marcus became completely overjoyed by the amazing news, a baby! "This is the he best gift anyone could ever ask for, a blessing from above, someone have been listening to my prayers!", Marcus cried out in happiness. But as he watched Melinda's face, he realized something wasn't right. "Hun, don't you see? This baby will bring us the light we need in our lives right now. I shall make sure it has everything it will possibly need, I can work double shifts, get an extra job aside the one at the research facility. And you can work on your inventing as much as your body allows you to". Marcus was expecting a different reaction as Melinda broke down in tears.
She then started re-telling her dream from the other night, about how she'd like her baby to be raised, about her own childhood. "If I cannot give my child what was once given to me, I do not want a child", Melinda said. "As someone once said to me; everything isn't either black or white Melinda", Marcus said. "We can make this work, this is our baby Mel. Our baby for crying out loud, how can you even consider an abortion!?".
That night, Melinda and Marcus slept on opposite sides of the bed. Well, the little sleep they actually got.


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