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1.4: Preparations

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Behind Marcus' back, Melinda had secretly been seeing a doctor at the hospital, discussing her options thoroughly. As she didn't have any insurances whatsoever, an abortion became less and less of an option. The longer she waited, the more pricey an abortion would become, and it would soon be too late to have one at all. While starting to realize she'd actually be a parent in a short matter of time, the design of her inventions started to take on a new design, with mostly toys as a result of hours and hours by the working bench.
During this hard time, Marcus turned out to be just the rock Melinda needed him to be; he was dealing with most of the chores at home while working overtime as often as possible, and he spent the little time he had left in the small garden he had planted in the yard. Everything to be able to provide for his and Melinda's baby.
The garden was not at all big or impressive, it had only the most basic fruits and vegetables growing in it, but it both saved the couple some cash and provided for higher quality ingredients and meals. As Marcus gardening skill advanced, so did also Melinda's cooking skill and together they made quite the team in the kitchen. "A happy tummy leads to better sleep, better sleep leads to a better mood, a better mood is always nice", as Marcus liked to express it.
But priority one right now was to be able to save up enough money to be able to build and furnish a nursery before the baby would arrive. Marcus recieved a well-deserved promotion, and Mel kept spending all her awake hours working in the garage. Her baby bump was now growing quickly, and the young couple started to prepare for the baby's arrival. The nursery was far from finished, with the rest of the house still echoing from the lack of furniture and decorations.
One dark and rainy night, Mel started to get labor contractions. As Marcus rushed out of bed to call for a cab to bring Melinda to the hospital, the contractions rapidly became worse and worse. "I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy!", Mel yelled as she gasped for air between the contractions. "Remember what we read in the books about the importance of correct breathing, honey", Marcus responded in an attempt to calm both Melinda and himself down. He took her hand and started leading her carefully to the front door.
By the time the cab arrived, Mel was already too far into labor. Just a few minutes later, she gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy little baby boy. "Benjamin. I shall name you after my grandfather, my beautiful, beautiful boy", Mel whispered as Marcus handed her Ben. "Benjamin. I like it. I like it a lot, Mel. Benjamin Alexander Stardust. Alexander is from my father", Marcus said with a big grin on his face.
"Imagine if I'd had this amazing boy aborted", she thought to herself as a chill went through her body. "Imagine to never get to see his face, his tiny little fingers and toes, the dark curly hair on top of his head...". Marcus overheard her out-loud thinking, and interrupted her with the words "Mel darling, I've got a surprise for you... for both of you". 
And there it was, the nursery, all finished. Benjamin's own room! "How? When? Am I dreaming?", Mel stuttered. "I've been working on it when you have been asleep at nights, I really wanted to surprise you, and it seems I finished just in time". Marcus gave Mel and Ben the most loving of looks before embracing them both as tight as he dared to. "I love you, Marcus", Mel sighed as she put the baby into the crib.


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